Knowledge, attitude and practices of dentists of Aligarh and Mathura regarding COVID -19 pandemic – A cross-sectional survey

Knowledge, attitude and practices of dentists regarding COVID -19 pandemic

  • Sarah Mariam
  • Neha Agrawal Dr.Z A Dental college,AMU,Aligarh
  • N D Gupta ALigarh Muslim University
  • R. K. Tewari Aligarh Muslim Univbersity
Keywords: COVID-19, dentist, Questionnaire, knowledge


 This study was carried out to analyze knowledge, attitude, and practice (KAP) of Dentists of Aligarh and Mathura regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. This cross-sectional study used a 16-item pre-tested and validated questionnaire based on the Covid 19 pandemic, which was then disseminated through the internet to all dentist members of the Indian Dental Association, Aligarh and Mathura during November, 2020 . The 'General part-A' of the questionnaire covered the individuals' socio-demographic and professional informations (age, gender, educational status, type of practice etc.). Part B comprised of 16 questions pertaining to COVID-19 knowledge, attitudes, and practises. A total of 260 dentists participated in the survey. The study included a higher percentage of females, BDS, and practitioners with fewer than 10 years of expertise. The participants' average knowledge, attitude, and practise score was 13.21 ±1.67. In the current study, socio demographic factors such as gender, educational level, experience in dentistry, and professional affiliation were found to have statistically significant (p 0.05) relationships with mean knowledge. Although there were notable deficiencies in some key areas, the results of this investigation revealed that the majority of the subjects had adequate knowledge, a positive attitude, and took precautions when dealing with patients, although there were notable deficiencies in some key areas. As a result, ongoing educational initiatives/webinars should be planned on a regular basis.


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