Ranula of the sublingual area

A case report

  • Anuj Gaur
  • Hasti Kankariya
  • Niharika Kumari
  • Anumita Deka Post Graduate student
Keywords: Ranula, Sublingual gland, Marsupialization.


Ranula is a cystic fluid filled cavity that is caused by extravasation of the sublingual gland at the floor of the mouth. Ranula originates in the body of the sublingual gland, especifically in the Rivinus ducts of the sublingual gland, and occasionally originates in the minor salivary glands at the floor of the mouth .There are a variety of treatment modalities for ranula including aspiration of the cystic fluid, sclerotherapy, marsupialization, incision and drainage, ranula excision only, and excision of the sublingual gland with or without the ranula. In this article we present a case report of a ranula, which developed after the extraction under lingual nerve block on the same side.  


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