Free Buccal Fat Pad Graft in Post Cancer Surgery Trismus with the Help of Colorado Microdissection Needle: A Case Report.


  • Hasti kankariya KD Dental College & Hospital, Mathura
  • Shrey Srivastava KD Dental College & Hospital, Mathura
  • Sheeraz Badal
Keywords: Free buccal fat graft (FBFG), Colorado micro dissection needle, Oral cancer., POST CANCER SURGERY TRISMUS


A numerous complication arises after surgery and / or radiotherapy / chemotherapy performed for the management of oral and maxillofacial malignant tumour which is apparently a world-wide health threat. Trismus / fibrotic scarring is among the most widespread complications after onco-surgery and / or radiotherapy & surgical management is reserved in cases of severely restricted mouth opening. excision of the fibrotic bands with Colorado micro dissection needle is advantageous in fibrotic scarring as it causes reduced tissue necrosis & intraoperative blood loss; it also provides acceptable cosmesis without compromising wound healing. In cases of anatomical limitations free buccal fat graft (FBFG) can successfully act as alternative pedicled buccal fat pad graft for closure of post‐excision defects.


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Hasti kankariya, KD Dental College & Hospital, Mathura



Shrey Srivastava, KD Dental College & Hospital, Mathura



Sheeraz Badal




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