An Erudition and Attitude of Dental students and Dental practitioners on Travel Vaccines

Travel Vaccines

  • Vishal Mehrotra
  • Kriti Garg Rama Dental College
  • Rahul Srivastava
  • Pallavi Sinha
  • Shazia Aslam
  • Jyoti Kiran
Keywords: Knowledge, Travel vaccine, Dentist


Objective: With the rise in travel among the current age, there is a greater chance of infectious disease spreading across the country being visited as well as the country to which the traveler belongs. Through their travel habits and behaviors, travelers play a key influence in the spread of infectious diseases across international borders. Aim: This study was conducted with a aim to assess the knowledge, attitude and practices regarding travel vaccine among dental students and dental practitioners in and around Kanpur city.

Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted at a private dental college, in Kanpur from December 2021 to March2022 0using quantitative method of data collection among total of 450 dental student and dental practitioners.

Result: A total of 190 (42.2%) males and 260 (57.7%) female respondents participated in the study, out of which  130(28.8 %) participants were married and 320 (71.1 %) were single. 15.5 % of the respondents were aware of the concept of travel vaccines while 6.67 % of the respondents could give correct definition of travel vaccine. Knowledge regarding travel vaccine was found to have improved the uptake of travel vaccine (P = 0.02).

Conclusion: The study shows that as the knowledge improves the uptake of travel vaccine increases significantly.


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