Oral Cutaneous Fistula, Therapeutic Challenge: Case Report

  • rohit mundra pacific dental college and research center
  • dr surbhi porwal
Keywords: orocutaneous fistula


ABSTRACT: Oral Cutaneous fistula often leads to intensive level of patient discomfort and suffering. Due to its rarity and absence of dental symptoms considerable number of patients are usually misdiagnosed with results of inappropriate management. This case report represents two clinical cases of age 21yr and 26 yr with similar history of non healing persistent discharging lesion on right side of maxilla which was unpleasing from last 2 years, After clinical and radiographic analysis two different therapeutic modalities in two different patients with similar kind of history was used to treat oral cutaneous fistula, both treatment results in satisfactory outcome.

Author Biography

dr surbhi porwal

senior lecturer

department of periodontics

pacific dental college and research centre ,bedla udaipur


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