A study on regional distribution of Interglobular dentin in crown and root portion of the teeth.

  • PRACHI NAYAK M.M. College of Dental Sciences & Research,Mullana,Ambala
  • SUSHRUTH NAYAK M.M. College of Dental Sciences & Research,Mullana,Ambala
  • KUNDENDU ARYA BISHEN Government College of Dentistry, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Keywords: Interglobular dentin, Ground section of teeth, Cervical area of teeth


Introduction :Interglobular dentin is the area of hypomineralized or unmineralized  denitn. Interglobular dentin is located at various region in teeth.

Aim : To identify the most common location of interglobular dentin in ground section of teeth.

Settings and Design : the study comprised of  69 extracted tooth.

Materials and Method: The study comprised of 69 extracted teeth. Ground sections of all 69 extracted teeth were prepared with the help of Arkansas stone, mounted on glass slide with the help of DPX and then observed under routine microscope by 2 observers.

Results: The most common location of interglobular dentin is cervical third

Conclusion: The interglobular dentin is more commonly seen in cervical third portion of crown as well as root in males and females.


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