Proximal relationship between hypothyroidism and periodontitis: “A clinical representation”

A clinical representation

  • CS BAIJU Sudha Rustagi college Of Dental Sciences Faridabad
  • Gunjan Gupta
  • Karuna Joshi
  • Pawandeep Kaur
  • N.D. Gupta
  • Ria Virmani
Keywords: Periodontitis, hypothyroidism, thyroid hormone, gingival inflammation


Hypothyroidism is a systemic condition in which thyroid gland is underactive and production of thyroid hormones is diminished, resulting in metabolic slowdown.    Thyroid disease can lead to imbalance in hemostasis of the body and affect the healing capacity of tissues.  This case report presents the influence of thyroid hormone dysfunction and its impact on periodontal disease progression in 55 year old female patient giving the chief complaint of bleeding gums and increased gum size. The report emphasizes the need for interventions by health care providers in patients with hypothyroidism to preserve their oral and overall health


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