A Unique Case of Sialolith in Stensen’s Duct in A Young Boy: A Case Report

  • Akash Ganguly Aligarh Muslim University
  • Sajjad Abdur Rahman
  • Mohammad Danish
  • Rizwan Ahmad
Keywords: Salivary gland; Parotid gland, Stensen duct; Paediatrics


Salivary gland sialolith are rare in the paediatric population though they are common in adults. Parotid ductal sialoliths account for only 3% of all cases of sialolithiasis. It is more common in submandibular duct. The usual presentation is pain and swelling during mealtimes owing to salivary duct obstruction. Different modalities can be used to make the diagnosis starting from history, physical examination, ultrasound, sialography, or CT scan. The mainstay of treatment is surgery and the extent of surgery depends on whether the stone is in the salivary duct or intraglandular portion. Here, we report a rare case of unilateral sialolithiasis in stensen duct in a 7 year old male child which was removed trans-orally.


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