A rare case of Central Giant Cell Granuloma mimicking Solitary Bone Cyst

Keywords: Key Words - Central Giant Cell Granuloma, Solitary Bone Cyst, Odontogenic keratocyct, Aneurysmal Bone Cyst, Multinucleated Giant Cells


Background-  Central giant cell granuloma is an uncommon benign tumor of jaws, most prevelant in anterior region of mandible. It has both aggressive and non aggressive nature and occurs in young adults.

Case presentation - We present a case of a central giant cell granuloma in a 21 year old boy who presented with all the features of solitary bone cyst. Lesion was present in right body of mandible and diagnosis was made histopathologically followed by surgical enucleation.

Conclusion - Our case demonstrates a rare clinical and radiographic appearance of central giant cell granuloma which was also an accidental finding. Prompt diagnosis and treatment plan can prevent further damage and improve outcome.



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