A nonsurgical approach in management of burns induced microstomia: a review

  • Ruchi Agrawal PG Student
  • Vivek Choukse
  • Ashwin Aidasani
  • Ranjeet Gandagule
Keywords: Microstomia, Burn


Burns of head and neck region causes skin contracture which will result in microstomia and loss of skin flaccidity. The prevention and management of microstomia contracture is an important aspect of facial burn. The goal of microstomia repair include the reconstruction of orbicularis sphincter for adequate lip functioning, obtaining lip symmetry and well positioned scar and adequate mouth opening. The standard treatment for the prevention and management of contracture includes compression therapy, grafting, mouth splinting, scar massage, excercise, patient education. These types of maxillofacial prosthetic appliances may be indicated, in conjunction with or without surgery these appliances can be use to improve the reduced mouth opening  caused by burns or other traumatic injuries With proper education and motivation of operator and the patient use of these appliances will not only improve the reduced mouth opening but also improve  form, function, esthetics, and also enhance the patient’s quality of life.


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