I-PRF Incorporated Absorbable Collagen Membrane for GTR based Recession Coverage : A Case Report

Collagen membrane with I-PRF for recession coverage.

  • Shruti Singh
  • Deepa D.
  • Anukrati Katariya
  • Ankita Gupta
  • Ratan Upadhaya
  • Ananya Rawat
Keywords: Platelet rich fibrin, Gingival recession, guided tissue regeneration


Introduction:  Gingival recession defects in the esthetic zone demands a concurrent correction of all the involved teeth in a single surgery. Wound healing is a complex phenomenon and the concurrent use of collagen membrane and Injectable Platelet rich fibrin (I-PRF) will greatly enhance the process. Thus the aim of this case report is to evaluate the effectiveness of Coronally advanced flap (CAF) with collagen and I-PRF in the management of gingival recession management. There was 90% mean root coverage and good patient esthetic satisfaction. Thus  CAF with collagen and PRF is an effective treatment modality in the management of multiple gingival recessions.


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