Prevention and Management of Denture Stomatitis

  • Pankhuri Akhil MDS 3rd year
Keywords: Denture induced stomatitis, DMLS Candida albicans, denture cleansers, cryotherapy, hydrogel patch


Denture stomatitis, also called as Chronic Atrophic Candidiasis, is considered to be synonymous with the condition better known as denture sore mouth, a diffuse erythema and edema of the denture bearing area, often occurring with angular chelitis. It is the most common form of the oral disease. The prevalence of denture related mucosal lesions (DMLS) were observed more frequently in complete denture wearers than in partial denture wearers as the area covered by a complete denture is more and therefore increase the risk of DMLS. It is associated with dental plaque, candida infection, poor denture retention and mechanical trauma1. The major risk factor for the development of this condition is wearing an upper complete denture, particularly when it is not removed during sleep and cleaned regularly. Older dentures are more likely to be involved. Other factors include xerostomia (dry mouth), diabetes or a high carbohydrate diet, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).


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