Awareness of Periodontal Disease And its Influence on Systemic Health: A Survey Among Medical Professionals in State of Rajasthan (bikaner Subdivision).”

Keywords: Periodontal disease, medical professionals, periodontal disease, survey, systemic health, awareness.


Background: Since past few decades, it is established that periodontitis has powerful influence on various systemic conditions. To maintain general health among the medical professionals this bidirectional link between periodontal and systemic health should be acquainted.  

Aims: To evaluate knowledge, awareness and orientation of medical professionals towards periodontal diseases and its influence on systemic health in state of Rajasthan (Bikaner sub division). To aware medical professionals for overall improved health care delivery system and motivate referrals to periodontists in systemically ill patients.

Method and Material: Prepared questionnaire data was gathered from 503 medical professionals of various medical institutions in state of Rajasthan (Bikaner sub division). Study spanned from June 2019 to August 2019. Data was tabulated in Microsoft Excel sheet and subjected to statistical analysis. Mean and standard deviations of measurements per group were calculated, and differences between two groups were determined using chi square test.

Results: Majority of participants had basic knowledge regarding periodontal diseases but clinical orientation and practice behavior were very limited. Most of them were aware regarding systemic effects of periodontal diseases like chronic heart diseases, diabetes but were unaware of likely effects of periodontal diseases on conditions such as adverse pregnancy outcomes (PTLBW, PROM, and Preeclampsia) and hospital acquired pneumonia.

Conclusion: Medical practitioners had insufficient knowledge and limited clinical orientation about periodontal diseases and its potential influence on systemic conditions. This emphasizes need for periodontal education in medical field.


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