A Novel Technique for Intraradicular Rehabilitation Using Mta and Light Transmitting Fibre Post: A Case Report

  • Dr. Vatsal Chauhan Post graduate student
  • Anu Narang
  • Santosh kumar Singh
  • Anjali Sharma
Keywords: intraradicular rehabilitation,, light transmitting fibre post,, MTA,, flared canal


Restoring an endodontically treated teeth may become problematic due to inadequate sound radicular structure. In such cases where apices are flared ,its even more challenging to debride the canal and control the obturating material within the canal. Regarding rehabilitating the radicular structure; cast post have been used since older times. But it resulted in catastrophic root fracture with reduced remaining dentinal thickness, shadowing and graying of root and discoloration at the tooth’s gingival margin. Hence This case report presents a clinical case where intraradicular rehabilitation is done using  MTA and light transimitting fibre post .


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Chauhan, D. V., Narang, A., Singh, S. kumar, & Sharma, A. (2021). A Novel Technique for Intraradicular Rehabilitation Using Mta and Light Transmitting Fibre Post: A Case Report. UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF DENTAL SCIENCES, 8(1). https://doi.org/10.21276//ujds.2022.8.1.17