Silver Diamine Fluoride- The New Black Magic

  • Debangana Choudhury Saraswati Dental College
Keywords: Dental caries, anticariogenic agent, remineralization, fluoride.


Silver diamine fluoride combines the remineralizing effects of fluoride and the antibacterial effects of silver and thus provides an alternative care path for those patients in whom traditional restorative treatment cannot be done. Many countries have recommended the use of 38% SDF for caries prevention as well as for caries arrest. SDF is proved to be more efficient as caries preventive tool when compared to fluoride varnishes and APF Gel. Other dental benefits of SDF continue to be researched and discussed in the literature. However, SDF- related black staining is of prime concern while using it in aesthetic zone. No serious adverse effects of using SDF have been reported in dentistry. SDF is safe, effective, and cost-friendly agent. We can hope that it can meet both the AAPD and ISPPD vision and mission to advance optimal oral health for all children through prevention, involvement of the society and other necessary measures.


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