Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma (pof) in Anterior Manibular Gingiva : A Case Report of Relapse Gingival Growth.

  • Dr. Ruchi Staffy Mohina Minz vinobha bhave university
Keywords: POF; peripheral ossifying fibroma,ossifying fibroma, peripheral cemento- ossifying fibroma, peripheral fibroma with osteogenesis, fibroma with cement-genesis, peripheral fibroma with calcification, calcifying or ossifying fibroma epulis, calcifying fibroblastic granuloma.


Localized gingival growths are often presented as lesions that are triggered by hormonal or environmental factors. Although they are considered neoplastic, they can also be treated with the appropriate diagnosis. One of the most uncommon lesions is the POF. Several confusion has prevailed in the nomenclature of POF due to its variable histopathologic features. Detailed relevant medical history, clinical and histological information were recorded of the patient. This is a case presentation of a 35-year-old male with gingival overgrowth in the mandibular left canine-premolar region. Clinically, the lesion was  asymptomatic, firm, pale pinkish in colour and sessile with a history of re-ccurance in a period of 60 to 100 days  post surgical excision in same site .Surgical excision of the lesion was done followed by histopathologic confirmation with emphasis on the clinical aspect. Given the rate of re-currence for POF being 8-20%, close post-operative follow-up  and proper oral hygiene maintainance and regular dental visits is required.


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