Comparative evaluation of antibacterial efficacy of Two shape, TruNatomy files against enterococcus faecalis-an invitro study

  • Bharathi Chundi Assitant professor
  • Dr.Mallika N Private practitioner
  • Dr.Prasanthi M Private practitioner
  • Dr.Satyasriyadav A Private practitioner
Keywords: Twoshape, TruNatomy, Enterococcus faecalis



Aim: The present study aimed to assess the antibacterial efficiency of Two shape (TS) and TruNatomy files (TRN) files against Enterococcus faecalis.

Materials and Methodology: Forty human mandibular premolars with single roots were collected and decoronated to standardize the lengths. The specimens were then mounted in acrylic resin and E. faecalis suspension was used to contaminate the specimens and they were incubated for three weeks. All the specimens were divided randomly into four groups. Instrumentation was done using Twoshape files (TS): Group I, TruNatomy files (TRN): Group II & Manual Crown Down technique (CD) using Gatesglidden drills and Hand files: Group III with sterile distilled water as irrrigant.Group IV was served as control group. Microbial samples were collected using paper points without instrumentation of the samples and after instrumentation from intracanal environment, which were diluted and later plated on tryptic soy broth (TSB).

Results: Significant difference was seen amongst the experimental groups (P<0.05), before and after instrumentation. TS and TRN resulted in more bacterial reduction than CD technique (P<0.05) whereas TS and TRN were almost similar in their efficacy (P>0.05).

Conclusion: TS and TRN promoted higher bacterial reduction than CD technique, with TS demonstrating the highest antibacterial efficacy.



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