Mandibular Resection Appliances:A Review

  • paiker jafri sardar patel dental college
Keywords: Mandibular Deviation , Mandibular resection, Guidance Prosthesis


Mandibular resection leads to mandibular deviation towards the defect side resulting in loss of occlusion on the unresected side,altered mandibular movements, esthetic disfigurement, difficulty in swallowing, impaired speech and articulation.Surgical Reconstruction may not be feasible in each case.Prosthetic Rehabilitation along with physical therapy helps to regain form and function in such patients and enhance their quality of life.This can be accomplished by the use of various guidance prosthesis which can efficiently retrain the mandible after resection procedures to achieve a functional occlusal relationship thereby enabling early advancement to a nearly perfect functioning permanent restoration.This paper presents an insight on the various mandibular guidance prosthesis that can be used to correct mandibular deviation following partial mandibulectomy and the rehabilitative aspects of mandibular deviation.


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