A Study on Application of Prosthodontic Techniques in Private Practice-A Survey

  • Garima Guddu PG student Dept. of Prosthodontics,Rama Dental College,kanpur
Keywords: Complete Denture;  Removable Partial Denture; Fixed Partial Denture; Implant; Prosthodontic Techniques; Dental Education; Private Practitioners.


Background: Continuing dental education programs can highlight the hazards of shortcuts and stress the importance of prescribed techniques to improve the practitioner’s clinical effectiveness and the quality of the treatment rendered to the patients. Aim: This paper aimed to evaluate application of prosthodontic techniques in private practice. The obtained information & data helped to emphasize strongly the basic prosthodontic principles in the undergraduate teaching curriculum. Materials and Method: A total of 230 dental practitioners in Kanpur city, Uttar Pradesh, India was included in an internet questionnaire survey which included 15 questions regarding complete denture, removable partial denture, fixed partial denture and implants.Results:35.65% respondents selected normal tap water to disinfect the impression, 42.17% used alginate for primary impression, 65.22% used ZnOE for final impression, 57.83% completed the treatment of complete denture fabrication in 5 appointments, 73.04%fabricated acrylic RPD’s, 55.65% used Valsalva manoeuvre technique to record PPS, 51.30% never fabricated CAD/CAM dentures, only 39.57%used facebow for orientation jaw relation, only 33.04% used gingival retraction cord before final impression of FPD, 53.04% obtained written consent before starting the procedure, 68.26% used wax to record the interocclusal records, only 29.13% gave temporary/provisional crown, 51.74% fabricated Zirconia for restoration  of anterior region, only 45.22%fabricated study models before starting FPD, very few 23.48% of respondents practiced implant dentistry. Conclusion: Within the limitations of this study author concluded that there are differences between what is taught as accepted prosthodontic practice in undergraduate curriculum and what is actually practiced. However, to further enhance the skills, efforts should be made to encourage and aware the practitioners about the techniques in prosthodontics practice through continuing dental education programs.




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