Pathogenesis of Mucormycosis: The Spores on a Sail

  • Nutan Tyagi
  • Akansha Misra
  • Harshi Mishra
  • Priyanka Gupta


Fungi of the order Mucorales are capable to infect human beings and animals. Mucormycosis is a well-known, life-threatening infection, primarily occurring in immune-compromised conditions like diabetic ketoacidosis, organ transplantation, increased serum iron and neutropenia. The mortality and morbidity rate due to Mucormycosis is rapidly rising despite of surgical debridement and antifungal aids. In this article, we will review (i) the existing knowledge about fungi (ii) interaction of Mucorales with host immune system (iii) assessment of virulence factors of Mucorales which play a key role in infection like high-affinity iron permease FTR1, spore coat protein CotH, reductase permease system. Since Mucormycosis infection is angioinvasive in nature, emphasis is placed on the ways by which organisms acquire iron from the host and its interaction with blood vessels. The present mini-review attempts to spread awareness regarding difficult to treat infection of mucormycosis and to provide possible targets for future research for therapeutic measures.

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Nutan Tyagi, Akansha Misra, Harshi Mishra, & Priyanka Gupta. (2022). Pathogenesis of Mucormycosis: The Spores on a Sail. UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF DENTAL SCIENCES, 8(2).

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