The context of Bernard - Soulier syndrome & it's culmination in the demense of prosthodontics

BSS - A Prosthodontic perspective

  • Devendra Chopra Saraswati Dental College & Hospital
  • Sumit Mishra Saraswati Dental College and hospital, Lucknow
Keywords: Bernard – Soulier syndrome, Prosthodontic management, Dolder bar, Overdenture


Bernard – Soulier syndrome is a rare hereditary disorder with giant cell platelets, thrombocytopenia and extended bleeding time. In thrombosis and hemostasis, platelets play a main role. The first stage in the creation of hemostatic plugs is the accumulation of platelets at the site of vascular injury that plays a key role in stopping the blood loss following the injury. The genetic error is induced by the glycoprotein complex lb/IX/V, which is the Von Willebrand factor on the platelet surface. Here we are reporting a 78 year old male patient which comes with chief complaint of missing teeth, root stumps & worn out teeth in upper and lower arches, inability to chew properly and wants replacement for the same. The primary treatment remains platelet transfusion pre & post extraction. Root canal treatment was performed on remaining natural teeth. Conventional over denture prosthesis for upper arch and dolder bar attachment overlay denture was fabricated for the lower arch.

Author Biography

Sumit Mishra, Saraswati Dental College and hospital, Lucknow

Reader in department of prosthodontics & crown & bridge


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