Effect of Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy On Anemic Status In Chronic Periodontitis Patients: A Randomized Clinical Case Control Study.

Keywords: Anemia; Blood; Chronic Periodontitis; Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate; Haemoglobin



Back Ground:  The aim of this current study is to identify the changes in haematological values of subjects with periodontal disease as compared to periodontally healthy individuals and to establish the relationship between chronic periodontitis and anemic status of the patients by correlating the periodontal parameters with haematological values following Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy.

Methodology:  The present case-control study included hundred subjects, out of which test group included fifty chronic periodontitis. The control group included fifty periodontally healthy subjects. Both periodontal and haematological parameters were assessed for both the groups at baseline and three months who had undergone non-surgical periodontal therapy later for the test group. Ten patients in the test group were excluded from the study and the remaining forty patients completed the study period and hence their results were analysed statistically by employing Mann-Whitney U Test, Wilcoxon Matched Pairs Test, Karl-Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient Method.                           

Results: The results in this study have shown that by treating the periodontal inflammation, it has led to a significant improvement in erythrocyte count as well as haemoglobin levels. Following NSPT in the test group, out of all the haematological values, ESR has shown major statistically significant difference along with TRBC and Hb. Whereas there was much less significant improvement in the remaining values viz. PCV, MCV, MCH, MCHC.

Conclusion:  The results of this study have clearly demonstrated that the treatment of periodontitis condition does lead to the improvement in various haematological values. Hence, its proven that chronic generalized periodontitis could lead to anemia of chronic disease in the long run. Thereby it is advisable that we should monitor the anemic status of the patients on a regular basis and advice the patients accordingly.




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