Knowledge, Awareness and Practice oral health survey among parents of children with Congenital Heart Diseases

KAP oral health survey among parents of CHD children

  • Rutu Patel Patel Post Graduate Student in Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry
  • Shobha Fernandes
  • Krunal Chokshi
  • Dharati Patel


AIM : To investigate the oral health of pediatric cardiac patients and the parental knowledge and attitude about the importance of oral health and infective endocarditis.

MATERIAL AND METHOD:- Descriptive cross-sectional survey with total 100 CHD patients, ages 2-12 years (48 girls and 52 boys) performed with the application of a questionnaire. For each patient, demographic data, oral hygiene habits, knowledge and awareness of dental and general health, and attitudes toward professional dental care. oral hygiene and caries experience of these patients were recorded.

STATISTICAL ANALYSIS:-Pearson’s Chi Square test was used to observe the relation between categorical study and outcome variables

RESULT:- In the present study 43 % parents were aware of the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene in patients with CHD. Around 56% of parents were unaware of antibiotic prophylaxis for the dental procedure and 67 % of parents were unaware about the term IE. Oral hygiene of these patients is good while caries experience is higher and deft/DMFT Score, It was lower among the <5 years age group than 6 years and above and it was statistically significant.

CONCLUSION :- Parental knowledge was limited and fragmented and their attitude towards a specialized dental treatment or maintaining good oral health status was very minimal. the primary focus should be on oral hygiene instructions, dietary counseling, instructions on fluoride use and the awareness of infective endocarditis. Closer cooperation between Pediatric Dentists, Pediatric Cardiologists and Pediatrician could help improve dental care for these children.

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Patel, R. P., Fernandes , S., Chokshi, K., & Patel, D. (2021). Knowledge, Awareness and Practice oral health survey among parents of children with Congenital Heart Diseases. UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF DENTAL SCIENCES, 7(2).