Artifical intelligence: need to reboot dental education

Artifical intelligence and dentistry

  • Deepti Sharma assistant professor
  • Gauri Malik BFUHS, Professor
  • George Koshy
  • George Koshy
  • Vishal Sharma
Keywords: health education; competency; artificial intelligence; curricular reforms; machine learning, technology.


We are heading towards a digital era and have to brace ourselves to adapt to technological innovations. The interest in competencies, knowledge processing and measuring specific learning is accelerating throughout the world. Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly impacting the delivery of healthcare, medical education and dentistry is no exception. In dentistry, the tremendous amount of patient data requires intelligent softwares for computation and AI can be utilized for patient diagnosis, treatment planning, education and research.

            The speed at which new AI technologies are developing and introduced into clinical practice, warrants equipping our graduates with necessary knowledge and skills to exploit AI technologies to maximum benefit. Dentists are always at the front foot of embracing a new technology. Hence, understanding the various concepts and the techniques involved will have a clear advantage in the future. This review is an attempt to provide a perspective on the benefits of AI in dentistry and also emphasizes on the need to bring dental education reforms to foster  competency based education model and Artifical intelligence.



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