Misplaced or Intentionally Misplaced – A Bracket Positioning Overview

  • Ashish Kushwah Dr.ashishdgr8
  • Mukesh Kumar
  • Shruti Premsagar
  • Shashank Soni
  • Rahul Jeswani
Keywords: Aesthetic result, , Intentionally misplaced, MBT prescription, Misplaced bracket, Stability


In orthodontics, bracket positioning is the utmost part of the treatment planning. Ideally if the clinician using MBT prescription then they should follow the MBT bracket positioning charts to achieve more aesthetic result. Deflection in a bracket positioning to MBT chart may alter the final result as well as may prolong the finishing and detailing stage. Although in some conditions alteration in a bracket positioning may reduce the treatment time as well as reduces chances of the relapse. Generally in a first look it seems that the particular bracket was misplaced but with the help of proper understanding of the basic biomechanics and well planned treatment strategy that the bracket position was justified as intentionally misplaced. This article discussing all those conditions in which the alteration in a bracket positioning can helps clinician to achieve a desired result comparatively in less time with more stability.

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Kushwah, A., Kumar, M., Premsagar, S., Soni, S., & Jeswani, R. (2021). Misplaced or Intentionally Misplaced – A Bracket Positioning Overview. UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF DENTAL SCIENCES, 7(3). https://doi.org/10.21276/ujds.2021.7.3.21

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