Biomechanical preparation in primary endodontics- A comprehensive review

  • Khoda opi Dr Khoda opi Sardar Patel post graduate institute of dental and medical sciences
Keywords: Biomechanical Preparation, Root canal therapy, Endodontic treatment, Primary teeth.


A major objective of modern dentistry for children is to maintain the integrity of the primary dentition until normal exfoliation, for the purpose of promoting function, esthetics and phonetics. Endodontic treatment in primary teeth can be challenging and time consuming, especially during canal preparations, which is considered one of the most important steps in root canal therapy. In recent years, new materials, equipments and instruments have evolved to a great extend and simplified the endodontic treatment procedures for the clinicians. Hence, we aim to provide review on some of the important aspects of the biomechanical preparation of the teeth.


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