ECC and Infant oral care Assessment of paediatrician’s knowledge and attitude on Early childhood caries and Infants oral care in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh – A questionnaire study

  • Dr Umang Akhnai Post Graduate Student
Keywords: early childhood caries, Infant oral care, Paediatricians, Attitude and Knowledge, Awareness, prevention



Early Childhood Caries (ECC) is considered as a significant public health problem in both developing and developed countries. ECC can start early in a child's life, progresses rapidly and might lead to adverse effects on a child's physical, psychological and social well-being. Access to child’s dental care might be compromised as most parents are unaware of the importance of the child’s first dental visit. Also Children in their first years are often seen by their Pediatric health professionals compared to dentists. Hence they can be considered as a reliable source for child’s oral health promotion and caries prevention.


 The main objective of this study is to assess the awareness, knowledge and attitude of Paediatric health professionals towards Early Childhood Caries.


A cross-sectional questionnaire study 


 Questionnaire based study will be conducted among the paediatric health professionals in Bhopal City. The questionnaire composed of two sections: Demographic characteristics and questions assessing participant’s knowledge and attitude will be distributed among paediatric health professionals.  


  It was found that Paediatricians have significant knowledge and attitude towards infant oral care and ECC but they accept lacking knowledge in some aspects and hardly acquired any dental training.


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