Imaging approach to find Osteoporosis in Pre & Post Menopausal Women in Urban & Rural Area

  • Saba Nasreen
  • Shubham Kumar Sri Krishna Medical College & Hospital
  • Pramod Yadav
  • Raunaque Saba
  • Devleena Bhowmick
  • Haider Iqbal
Keywords: Bone Mineral Density, Osteoporosis, Panoramic Radiograph, Mandibular Cortical Index, Mental Index, Panoramic Mandibular Index


Background: The number of women with osteoporosis i.e. with reduced bone mass and disruption of bone architecture is gradually increasing in the Indian subcontinent and has been reported throughout the country. This condition majorly affects post-menopausal females and very often remains undiagnosed leading to various complications later. This study was therefore planned to ascertain the role of panoramic radiographs as a screening tool for osteoporosis using radio morphometric indices in postmenopausal women.

Materials and Methods: The study comprised a study group of 60 post‑menopausal women, divided into 2 sub‑groups (Urban & Rural), each comprising of 30 individuals, depending on their occupation and domicile. The panoramic radiographs of all the study subjects were recorded for evaluation of 3 radio-morphometric indices viz. Mandibular Cortical Index (MCI), Mental Index (MI) & Panoramic Mandibular Index (PMI).

Result: Statistical analysis revealed higher significant values for all the radio-morphometric indices in rural than in urban postmenopausal women.

Conclusion: The study suggests that a panoramic radiograph can be used as an effective screening tool for osteoporosis using various radio-morphometric indices.


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