Pouch and tunnel technique in conjunction with connective tissue graft-A Paramount for treating Miller’s class II gingival recession

  • Poonam Yadav Poonam Yadav Post graduate student
Keywords: gingival recession, root coverage, pouch and tunnel technique, connective tissue graft


Introduction : Gingival recession is both unpleasant and unesthetic, therefore demanding esthetic correction. Pouch and Tunnel technique with CTG is a minimally invasive quick healing alternative for recession coverage effectively.

Objective : The objective of this case was to achieve complete root coverage of exposed root using pouch and tunnel technique with connective tissue graft for optimal patient compliance.

Methodology- After local anesthesia, at the recipient site sulcular incision was made, pouch and tunnel was created, any remaining collagen fibres, muscle fibres were cut. Papillae were kept intact. Connective tissue graft was harvested from palate area using a single incision technique, which was then inserted into recipient pouch and tunnel.

Sutures were placed to hold graft in position, the entire gingivo-papillary complex was then coronally positioned and sutured, periodontal pack was applied. To hold gingivo-papillary complex in coronal position, composite stops were made pre-surgically.

Result : The surgical site appeared normal without any trace of sloughing, healing progressed uneventfuly and the gingival recession was partially covered with satisfactory aesthetic result.

Conclusion : Pouch and Tunnel technique proved to be minimally invasive technique showing optimal root coverage with good patient compliance.



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