Perception of Students regarding online classes - adapting the New Normal

  • Harmanpreet Kaur Adesh Institute of Dental Sciences and Research
Keywords: Key WordsPerception, e-learning, online classes, internet connectivity, BDS students, COVID-19.




The COVID-19 pandemic has halted teaching in variety of institutions, especially in dental schools. Educational directors had to refined education from the formerly class based lecture into long distance/online training programme. This study directed to compute the impact of COVID-19 on dental education enquiring the students’ perception of this method of e-leaning.


The study was held in Adesh Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Bathinda, Punjab, India, from April to May 2020 after formerly being approved by the Institutional Ethical Committee. A survey was conducted disseminating an online questionnaire made on Google forms, which was further assessed and evaluated for its validity and reliability and further descriptive stats for procuring final results were applied.


A total number of 310 students were considered for data analysis out of which 13.6% preferred online classrooms in comparison to 86.4% which were more inclined to offline classrooms. Our study on the BDS students’ perception revealed some supportive but also inhibitory factors


E-Learning programmes are a potent way for teaching dental students. However, lucrative, execution of online learning into the academics required a well-reasoned strategy and a more functioning approach.




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