“Is a transdermal diclofenac patch better than oral diclofenac tablets”: A Randomized controlled, Trial clinical.

Transdermal diclofenac patch is better?

  • Sourav Kumar Kothiwal Detal College & Research Centre,Moradabad,UP.
Keywords: Gastric irritation; Transdermal patch; VAS score.


Aim: This study aimed to compare the analgesic effect of transdermal Diclofenac with oral Diclofenac tablets.

Method: In this randomised controlled clinical trial a total of 80 patients were divided randomly in two groups with one group of patients (N1)were given Transdermal diclofenac patch(200 mg) and other group of patients(N2) were given  diclofenac tablets after extraction Patients were assessed for pain at various intervals and the assessment of side effects.

Results:  Significant results were seen at 6 hours with higher number of subjects reporting VAS score 0 and 1-3 in group NI, while subjects reported higher VAS score 4-6 and 7-10 in group N2. Also 20 % of the patients in group N2 (Diclofenac tablet group) complains of gastric irritation after 24 hrs.  Statistically no significant difference exists in uniformity of pain control and interference in routine activities during past 24 hours among both the groups.

Conclusion:  We can conclude that diclofenac patch is more effective in pain control in the early stage after extraction of the tooth and have lesser side effects as compared to diclofeanc tablets.

Keywords:  Gastric irritation; Transdermal patch; VAS score.


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