Tunnel technique for maxillary and mandibular flabby ridge using palatal splinting tray system : Clinical report

  • prerna chandak doctor
Keywords: Flabby ridge, impression techniques, Osborne technique, complete denture, neutral zone, palatal splinting.


Complete dentures function in the oral cavity of geriatric patients  hence  they must be  in harmony with the normal neuromuscular system. ‘Fibrous’ or ‘flabby’ alveolar ridges pose significant problems  during impression making  retention and stability are compromised due to movable underlying tissue. These mobile den­ture-bearing   tissues are displaced by masticatory forces and thus they alter the position of denture with resultant  loss of peripheral seal. Forces that are exerted during impression making cause  distortion of mobile tissues.  Resulting  in instability af­fecting function. In this paper, the authors have proposed a newer technique of impression making of the flabby tissues along with the application of neutral zone concept is also incorporated into impression making which ensures an accurate and easy impression of these flabby tissues leading to successful complete denture therapy



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