A Mucocele on Dorsal Surface of Tongue: A Unique Case Report

  • Surabhi Mohase MPMSU
  • Binti Rani Chand
Keywords: Mucocele, Diode LASER, Lingual artery, Mucous extravasation cyst, Ventral Surface


Mucocele is a one of the most common oral lesions resulting from mucous accumulation in the minor salivary glands. The extravasation mucocele is most commonly located in the lower lip whereas retention mucoceles can be found at any other site.  Treatment frequently involves surgical removal in addition to Micro marsupialization, cryosurgery, steroid injections and lasers. In this case report diode lasers are considered as treatment of choice as the mucocele was resting very near to the lingual artery. The use of a diode laser appears to present a good alternative treatment to remove mucocele in paediatric patients.


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