A Comparative evaluation of serum CRP levels in chronic and aggressive periodontitis patients before and after non-surgical periodontal therapy- a clinical study

  • Shruti Gupta Rama Dental College, Kanpur
  • Ira Gupta Rama Dental College, Kanpur
  • Rohit Gupta Rama Dental College, Kanpur
  • Janardhana Amaranath B J Rama Dental College, Kanpur
  • Arpita Goswami Indraprastha Dental College, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad
  • Deepshikha Singh Rama Dental College, Kanpur
Keywords: aggressive periodontitis, chronic periodontits, nonsurgical therapy, C-reactive protein, CRP


Aims and Objectives: C-reactive protein is an acute-phase-reactant primarily produced by the liver in response to infection or trauma. Recent studies have demonstrated a correlation between periodontitis and elevated CRP levels. This study aims to relate the serum-CRP level in chronic and aggressive periodontitis patients, before and after periodontal treatment, with healthy controls.

Materials and Method:  A case-control clinical study was conducted with a total of 75 systemically healthy subjects, where 25 subjects were selected in each groups: Group I, Healthy control subjects; Group II, generalized chronic periodontitis patients, and Group III, generalized aggressive periodontitis patients. Serum-CRP levels were quantified by using turbidimetric immunoassay at baseline and 3month post-treatment. Kit used was “TURBILYTE-CRP” (Tulip Diagnostics, Goa, India). In the treatment phase, patients received single visit nonsurgical periodontal treatment, completed within 24hrs under LA for GCP & GAP group.

Results: Mean serum CRP levels were significantly higher in both GCP and GAP groups as compared to the control group at baseline. On comparing the clinical parameters at 3 months post-treatment for GCP & GAP group with control group values, the mean score of serum CRP levels for the GAP group was statistically significant (P<0.001) in comparison to the GCP group, which in turn was statistically significant as compared to control group.

Conclusion: The present study indicates a positive correlation between CRP and periodontal disease severity with particular concern in younger individuals, where it could be a possible underlying pathway in the association between periodontal disease and risk for cardiovascular disease in periodontitis patients.

Author Biographies

Shruti Gupta, Rama Dental College, Kanpur

Assistant Professor,

Department of Periodontics, 

Ira Gupta, Rama Dental College, Kanpur


Department of Periodontics, 

Rohit Gupta, Rama Dental College, Kanpur

Reader, Department of Periodontics

Janardhana Amaranath B J , Rama Dental College, Kanpur

Principal, Department of Periodontics,

Arpita Goswami, Indraprastha Dental College, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad

Assistant professor, Department Of Periodontics, 

Deepshikha Singh, Rama Dental College, Kanpur

Assistant professor, Department of Periodontics, 


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