Prevalence and aetiology of dental trauma in 8-14 year old school-going children of Hyderabad city, India

  • Tanzeem Ahmed Army College of Dental Sciences
  • Nikhil Kaushal
  • Sujeet Singh
  • Rashmi Agarwal


Aims and Objectives: To determine the prevalence and etiology of fractured anterior teeth due to trauma among 8–14 years old school going children of Hyderabad city.

Materials and method: A cross-sectional study was carried out in 8-14 year old children studying in various schools of Hyderabad for the assessment of traumatic injuries of anterior teeth. Clinical examination was carried out and type of teeth affected, type of fracture, overjet and lip competence were noted. A closed end questionnaire was given to children with questions regarding etiology of trauma, place of injury, symptoms or outcomes after the injury, whether a dentist was consulted, type of treatment done by dentist and time elapsed between trauma and treatment. All the results were analyzed using “statistical package for social sciences” (SPSS) 20.0 software.

Results: The prevalence of dental trauma was found to be 7.84%. 11-14year old children showed higher prevalence. Males were more affected than females. Maxillary central incisors were most affected. Fracture involving enamel and dentin were recorded the highest. Children having overjet of >3mm and incompetent lips were at a higher risk of dental trauma (p value = 0.001). The most common cause of injury was sports and home was the most common place of occurrence of injury. Most of the traumatic dental injuries (TDI) did not undergo any treatment.

Conclusion: Increasing the awareness of the parents and teachers about the prevention of TDI and the importance of consulting the dentist after trauma should be instituted.


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